Thomson Reuters Account overview

We've worked hard to reduce the number of usernames and passwords you need to use our products. Since 2022, we have been merging our customer logins to one new type: the Thomson Reuters Account.

What is it?

A Thomson Reuters Account gives all users, including staff and clients, single sign-on access to Thomson Reuters products. Using one email and password you can access products like Client Center and NetClient CS.

The Thomson Reuters Account uses two-factor authentication to check your identity and help make sure your account isn't compromised. It adds another layer of protection so your account safety relies on more than a simple password.

This feature is a replacement for multi-factor authentication or MFA.

How to get one

Your firm will email you with steps to get one and actions you need to take. Until then, you might notice your sign-in screens may change in appearance as we implement this in our products.

Actions to take now

There are no required actions for you take now, but we recommend the steps below to prepare:

  • Download the Auth0 Guardian App 
    • If you use the Thomson Reuters Authenticator App, you can still use this with your new account but it will prompt you to enter a code at login to verify your identity. Only the Auth0 Guardian App will send notifications to you with the Thomson Reuters Account. 
    • You can download the app from the Apple App Store and on Google Play for Android.
  • Prepare to stop using TR Authentication Cards
    • The Authentication Cards were only supported through June 1, 2022 and will not work with the Thomson Reuters Account.