Linked accounts

The linked accounts feature allows you to use a single email address to log in to accounts at different firms. To link accounts, you must already have at least one Client Center account. You can link any combination of staff and client accounts.

Linked accounts do not merge or share data. They are wholly separate logins that merely use the same email address. Once you link accounts, they cannot be unlinked.

To link accounts, do one of the following.

  • Register a new account, at a different firm, using the same email address as at least one other account.
  • Change the email address for an existing account to use the same email address as at least one other account.

New registration

When you receive a registration email for your new account, click the Register Now link. Client Center recognizes that you are already using the email address. If you want to link accounts, you'll need to enter the password for the email address you're using and click the Link Accounts button.

Note: You'll also have the option to use a different email address without linking accounts.

Existing account

When you change your login email address in your user profile to match the address used for another account, you will be asked whether you want to link the accounts. Click Link Accounts.

When linking existing accounts you can't link accounts across Onvio regions. For example you can't link a Argentina Onvio Company to a US Onvio Company.

Your Default account

Once you've linked accounts, you can log in normally. By default, you'll be logged in to the account that's designated as your Default account.

Switch to another account by clicking your name (near the top right of most screens) and selecting another account.

To change your Default account, see Manage linked accounts.