Determine which multi-factor authentication option is right for you

Choosing the appropriate multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution depends on your personal preferences. Each solution offers benefits, as detailed below.

  • Thomson Reuters Authenticator app is a free mobile app that is supported on both Apple iOS and Android devices, and is the only MFA solution that includes push notifications to your mobile device when you log in. Approving these verification requests requires a single touch. Choose this option if you want the quickest, easiest access. For more information, see Thomson Reuters Authenticator mobile app installation and permissions.
  • Third-party authenticator apps include those offered by Microsoft, Google, Symantec, Duo, LastPass, and others. Client Center is compatible with any MFA app that uses a Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) system, which is the industry standard for multi-factor security. Third-party apps provide numerical codes that you read off your mobile device and manually enter when prompted to verify your account during login. Choose this option if you already use one of these third-party authenticator apps and you want to continue with the same solution when enabling MFA for Client Center. For more information, see Learn about third-party multi-factor authentication apps.
  • Thomson Reuters Authenticator card is a multi-factor device that fits in your wallet. It enables you to increase security in environments where you can't easily use more feature-rich mobile apps. The Authenticator card generates numerical codes that you read off the device and then manually enter in a login screen when prompted to verify your account. Choose this option if you don't have access to mobile devices. For more information, see Set up a multi-factor authentication device.